Never lost-always an adventure

Fierce rain, hail and only 400 miles to go before stopping. Cold, snow, slippery roads and no place to stop for shelter or warmth. Wind, fierce wind, blowing sand into my helmet, my motorcycle being jerked from side to side, with me trying to hang on and no place to stop. Sun, beautiful and curvy roads through endless mountains and valleys, and then suddenly the Pacific Ocean in all it's full glory. Solitude, freedom and the quietness of being at one with nature--this and more is why I love motorcycling.

In 2008, retirement allowed me to fulfill a long held dream of riding from my home in the United States to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and back. In June I will depart for the Arctic Circle and hope you will "ride along with me" through visits to this blog.

Currently I have three motorcycles: a 1993 BMW R100GSPD, which is my long distance adventure ride: a 2002 Honda ST1100 for fast and intermediate highway trips and a fully restored 1978 Honda GL1000.

Contact Information:
Name:C.W. Weaver
Residence:Riviera Beach, Texas
Cell number:361 296-5647