Sunday afternoon in San Miguel de Allende. How can life get any better?  I am booked in a small, almost traditionally Mexican, hotel where the owner has allowed me to park the bike in his garage.  I have not moved it since arriving here yesterday afternoon.

I spent Saturday evening in the Jardin, the beautiful plaza just across from the amazing cathedral here in San Miguel.  The night, while cool,  was wonderful.  There was a great Salsa band playing on a stage in front of the Plaza and for most of the evening there were about 400 people dancing in the street.  The dancing was amazing, The people were in lines of about 15 people each and there was 25 lines.  (Yes, Byron, I counted them.)  In the U.S. we would have called this a line dance and folks would have laughed at us.  Here in San Miguel it was beautiful and graceful. 

There was also a wedding taking place in the Cathedral and exactly at 9:30 PM, the wedding party departed the Cathedral and immediately the most spectacular fireworks display took place, lasting some twenty minutes.  I have never seen the sky light up as it did last night, with the well lighted and beautiful Cathedral framed with the massive fireworks display.

Sunday morning found me sitting in the Jardin, enjoying my coffee, when suddenly a large group of restored antique cars began arriving.  In the states we would have called the cars "street rods".  They were from the States, Canada and Mexico.  The car show now completely surrounds the Jardin, and I am told there are 100 cars in town for a Rally which will eventually run from the southern border of Mexico to Nuevo Laredo, some 2000 miles, over seven days.  My day has been spent looking at the cars and enjoying talking with the crews.  This group is part of an organization, La Carrera Panamericana, and they have been doing this once a year for over forty years.

I will be staying in San Miguel for several days and do not expect to update this until I am ready to depart.