Early Monday I will depart on a short and tame adventure headed to Bike Week in Daytona Beach!  Each year, America's largest gathering of motorcyclists occurs in and around Daytona Beach, always in late February and early March.  Motorcycle shows, bike races, the International Motorcycle Show and any number of marque rallies, hundreds of vendors  and over 100,000 riders all celebrating the beginning of the years riding season.  Over the past many years I have considering attending but ultimately decided that it was just not my "cup of tea".  It probably still isn't but I have to see it--just once.

The Goose and I returned from the Arctic Ocean last July and I have not been on a significant adventure since.  This ride hardly qualifies as an adventure, only about 3000 miles from my departure until my return in a couple of weeks.  On my 2002 ST1100 I will ride east through East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and then into Florida.  The forecast is for cold morning temperatures with rain.  Perfect riding conditions.  Finally, arriving in Florida on Wednesday I will find sunshine and warmer temperatures. 

Bike Week is crammed full of interesting events.  The Cycle World International Motorcycle Show will be in Daytona Beach during the week and I can easily spend a day or two savoring the industries offerings for the coming year.  Also each year during Bike Week, the J. Wood&Company bike auction  is held in Deland, Florida at the athletic center of Stetson University. This years auction will be held March 6 and I expect to attend.

Later in the week, I will head 259 miles to the southwest towards Naples!   Close friends, good food and a warm and luxurious room beckons.  Once again visiting John and Teresa Gribbin who only one year ago were the first to welcome me on my return from South America.  John has tickets for us to attend a minor league ball game or two while I am there and I am sure we will visit some fine restaurants.

By midweek I will depart for the Texas Riviera expecting to be home before March 14.  A short and very cool ride, but at least it will help condition me for my next adventure beginning in late June.