Cool and damp?  No, actually I am cold and wet.  The temperature is 49 F, which only seems cold when I am riding at night in a steady soft rain. 

Only 470 miles from Riviera to Jennings, but it took me almost twelve hours.  I had a minor mechanical problem near El Campo, TX and I happen to know that EL Campo Cycle (Honda and Suzuki) is a world class facility.  So, I stopped in to see the great folks there and they immediately went to work on the Honda.  Nothing big, only the header on the exhaust had come loose but it took a while for the dealer to find the right sized nuts to reattach the header.  Plus, the ST1100 is a fully clad bike so they had to pull off the plastic panels and one whole side of the fairing.  In any event, they got the problem fixed and at a very low cost.  I asked them to mount me a new rear tire but they did not have a Bridgestone to fit the ST1100.  Looks like I will have to limp my way on into Daytona Beach and get a tire at the Rally.  I hate slick tires on a motorcycle, particularly when I am riding in the cold and rain.

I have seen only a couple of other bikes on the road today.  Probably the weather kept them at home..  And Bike Week is primarily a Harley event so most of the Harley owners either truck or trailer their bikes ...........actually that does not sound bad tonight.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be colder and will be raining as I get on down the road.  And I do this for pleasure?