Only 533 miles today in temperatures ranging from 39 F to a high of 46 F.  The warmest temperature today was when I arrived tonight in Tallahassee to the tropical temperature of 46 degrees.  Now I know why so many riders are trailering their bikes to Daytona.

Leaving Jennings, La this morning (in a light cold rain),  I enjoyed the bayous, rivers, swamps and the beauty of Louisiana.  Shortly after lunch, I arrived in Mississippi and quickly crossed both Mississippi and Alabama with the temperatures dropping steadily.  Finally arriving in Florida, I came upon Escambia Bay and suddenly the wind picked up, blowing in gusts of about 40 MPH. Soon I was on the long bridge crossing Escambia Bay and the bike jerked and leaned sharply in the cold wind.  Twice the rear end actually slid.  I desperately need to replace the now slick rear Bridgestone. 

Finally arriving in Tallahassee right at dark, I have a warm and nice room, and at a cost of only $40.  The forecast for ;morning is 39 F and cloudy, but at least no rain.  I should reach Daytona Beach by early afternoon.  I am on a new rear tire.