(Happy Birthday, Justin.)   October 25 is my youngest grandson's sixth birthday and I will be thinking of him tomorrow morning as I depart this beautiful city heading for Mexico City and then on to Puebla, where I hope to spend Saturday night.

My stay in San Miguel de Allende has been extraordinary, although I still do not speak enough Spanish to make me feel comfortable traveling throuth Central America.  A friend recently wrote me asking why I was not traveling more miles per day.  This has never been a marathon trip.  I simply want to spend time with, and get to know, the wonderful people of each country through which I will be traveling.

The food here is delicious, the rest has been good and I feel in excellent health as I now begin to travel through parts of Mexico and Central America with which I am only familiar through my reading.  Have no fear, the next several days will be great and I will be posting this web with great observations.

I plan to depart on my BMW about 9:30 AM tomorrow and hope to arrive in Puebla well before dark. The weather is clear and moderate.  However, I will be riding tomorrow so you should bet on rain.