A balmy cool March day welcomed me to Daytona Beach.   Plus over 100,000 Harleys, all with loud pipes.  The number of bikes here is surpassed only by the number of vendors selling Harley regalia (leather goods, tatoos, chrome and all of the other essential wares required if one is really a full fledged "biker"). 

Upon my arrival in Daytona Beach at 1:10 P.M., I set out looking for a tire for my ST1100.  My desire was a Bridgestone in the correct size--160/70-17.  After stopping at every motorcycle shop I could find, I decided that the shops would not have one and I went to the Speedway where the bike and tire vendors were set up.  Once again no one had a tire in the right size and very few even had Bridgestone tires.  Suddenly I spotted a large trailer and tent--"The Bridgestone factory exhibit".  Fighting my way through terrible traffic, I finally arrived at the Bridgestone Exhibit.  No, they did not have one my size.  In fact they seemed surprised that I was even riding a ST1100.   Odd, but I have not seen another one since------I am not sure when, maybe since I was last in San Antonio.

I gave up at about  6:00 PM and rode in the cool evening traffic the 40 or so miles to my hotel in Lake Mary,  Fl.  A nourishing dinner at the local Krystal and I will be in bed early.  Tomorrow I will head back to Daytona Beach once again in search of a new rear tire.  Here in  the Sunshine State, the  forcast calls for morning temperature of 40 F.  I am going to have to go back to Texas just to get warm.