Bike Week is definitely a "Spectacle".  But I seem to remember my mother's strong admonition to me and my brother to not make a spectacle of  ourselves.  I have not always followed that strong advice ------------but I certainly have never let it "hang out" like the bikers are this week in Daytona Beach.  The most innovative and beautiful bikes parading throughout the city but most noticable on Main Street.  Riders and  co-riders dressed in leather, tatoos---some just barely dressed.  And the noise, it is overpowering.

Thursday morning I departed Lake Mary in 39 F chill, headed to Jim Walkers Motorcycles in So. Daytona Beach.  Dale, one of the mechanics, had located an Avon tire that would fit my bike.  By 10:00 A.M. it was mounted and I was off to the International Motorcycle Show at Ocean Center.  After fully touring the show, I made my way to Main Street and the 24 hour continous parade of Bikes.  One hour later and I was off to a campground north of the city where the BMWMOA members were gathered.  More Importantly, the Beemer Airhead Group had a gathering, large tent with a burning fireplace.  Finally, I was back with folks that I both understood and appreciated.  I spent the rest of Thursday with people who, like me love BMWs  and long distance adventure riding.

Friday morning, I was off to attend the Motorcycle Auction in Deland.  I ended up spending several hours at the  Auction (great parts, tools and vintage bikes).  Later in the day I went to a huge "swap meet" at the Flea Market in Daytona Beach.

By the end of the day, I felt overdosed on Bike Week and ended up spending the the day with an old and close friend, MCPO Bill Ray Humphrey., Ret.   Billy and I go back some 36 years and it was great to be with this interesting and delightful old submariner.  We are both well past our prime, but you would not know it by the stories we tell each other.

Early evening and I am in a nice hotel in Kissimmee.  Tomorrow, I am heading south toward Naples with a stop to see other friends near Punta Gorda.  And the weather.  it is getting a bit warmer.  I will be back riding for much of the day, which is my first interest.