Off to Pensacola at 7:00 AM, I planned to ride 600 miles.  After only two hours, I was into steady but moderate rain.  By 10:30 AM, the rain was heavy, with wind gusts.  Wrecks on the highway and traffic coming almost to a standstill.  I kept pulling into small towns and stopping for 30 minutes or so and then getting back on the road.

As I reached Ocala, I saw that the lightning was fierce and the side roads were flooding.  I found a hotel and gave up.  Only 250 miles but it was time to stop.  I am safely in a dry and warm hotel.  As is also my luck, within two hours the rain had stopped, the sky had cleared and I was itchng to ride.  But no!  My clothing, boots and gloves are soaked and I am going to wait until tomorrow and try again.  The forecast is for some rain tomorrow, but surely it will not be like today.