Leaving Del Rio Early Monday, Art, Ricardo and I headed out across the hot Chihuahua Desert to Big Bend.  four hours later found us passing the Gage Hotel, exploring the small town of Marathon.  By 4:00 P.M. we had explored some of Big Bend and made our way to the Chisos Basin Campground.  Stopping for the evening, we covered 271 hot and dusty miles.

The evening was delightful, with temperatures in the sixties.  After the day's high of 103 degrees, we were comfortable.  A great campsite was our home and we quickly pitched our tents.  But wait!  Neither my occupational nor physical therapists had prepared me to get down and crawl into a tent, and then squirm into the sleeping bag!  I looked like a comedy gone awry! 

Up early, there were young deer visiting.  The air was cool and the mountains spectacular.  Art's camera recorded the wonder.  By 8:00 AM we were winding our way down the mountain headed to the unique town of Terlingua.  After a short visit, we headed down the spectacular River Road, stopping for minutes at Lajitas, an example of wealth "run amuck".  Then on down this beautiful motorcycle riding trail to the great metropolis of Presidio.

Stopping for lunch at the Patio, we enjoyed a salad and at least a gallon of iced Tea.  I have visited Presidio numerous times and I always dine at the Patio.  It is the best place in Presidio. 

Since arriving in Texas, Ricardo has suffered from either a toothache or a gum problem.  During lunch the pain became too much so we mounted up and headed across the border tp Ojinaga, where Ricardo found a good dentist,  One hour, $38, later and Ricardo was as good as new.  The heat was unbearable, so we headed north towards the art community of Marfa.  Arrivinf in this picturesque city of art galleries and fine dining.

Marfa was the host town during the filming  of the movie Giant, starring Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor.  of course we stopped by the historic Hotel Paesano where the stars cavorted nearly sixty years ago.

By 6:00 PM, we were in Van Horn, safely spending the evening in a KOA Kamping Kabin.  Morning will find us off to New Mexico, visiting Carlsbad, Roswell and the on towards Las Vegas, NM.