Four hundred miles north to the historical city of Las Vegas.  Cooler temperatures, 20 miles through ferocious winds, a quick summer shower and a great ride with interesting Tico friends.  The distances between fuel stops were over 100 miles and the Honda GL1000 twice ran out of fuel.  The first time Ricardo simply siphoned gas from the ST1100 to the GL1000.   The second time, we were in remote desolate country, but we were quickly rescued by a most interesting motorcycle rider, Hugo ..., on a 2005 KTM Adventure.  A fellow long distance rider, Hugo was carring spare fuel.

Hugo joined us for the remainder of Wednesday's ride and we arrived at the Las Vegas, NM KOA well before dark.  The temperature was in the 50's, a welcome relief from the past three days heat.  Tomorrow morning Hugo will be off to Trinidad, CO and Ricardo, Art and I will head to Bandelier National Monument, the ancient home of Native American Cliff Dwellers. 

We plan to spend Thursda evening in Taos, one of my favorite places.  A Native American concert and the delightful residents of this mystical city await us.