Why did I even think about leaving two 1995 BMW Airheads at home and instead bringing a 1978 Honda GL1000  Particularly one that I know needs the carbs rebuilt.  By 8:30 AM we were headed to Santa Fe and then on to Bandelier.  Twice Art stopped to tell my that the Honda was sputtering and he thought it was running poorly.  I decided to ride it and by keeping it at high RPMs we made it to Bandelier National Monument.

Ricardo and Art took the self guided tour and spent an hour or so learning about the ancient cliff dwellers.  Due to some physical limitations, I waited in the Visitor's Center.  By 2:00 PM we were off to beautiful Taos, despite the poorly running Honda.  The Carbs have to be rebuilt and I have no idea where we can get that done.

This evening we enjoyed a concert in the Plaza and a Beanee Weenee dinner in a convenience store.  Tomorrow, we plan to enjoy the Colorado roads but first, the GL1000 needs help.