Leaving Taos early Friday morning we headed north towards Durango, CO.  But first, a stop at the Rio Grande River Gorge to see the beautiful gorge and the magnificent bridge that spans this majestic sight.  After Ricardo and Art had taken photographs and walked the bridge, we were off to Durango.

By now I was riding the Honda GL1000 and it was running worse and worse.  Finally reaching Durango, CO, we visited a Kawasaki shop where they diagnosed the problem as carb problems due to altitude.  Their remedy (not) was to change the spark plugs and to suggest we go to Handlebar Honda in Durango where someone would surely know to repair the bike.

Arriving at the Honda late, we were forced to spend the night in Durango.Friday night included dinner in a nice Chinese restaurant beside a beautiful mountain stream.  To bed early, we were at Handlebar Honda when they opened.  The service manager was sure our problem was fuel related and said the would have us on the road by noon. 

Art and Ricardo decided to take a 250 scenic loop ride through Telluride and Ouray, so I stayed with Art's ride to try to obtain the right repairs.  Not to be.  The shop did $100 in useless service and finally suggested that I stay until the following Thursday, when the hoped they would have the right kits to rebuild the carbs.

Declining this offer I waited until Art and Ricardo returned and then we were of to Cortez, CO to seek out more expert service.  The ride, some 50 miles through the beautiful mountains, was beautiful but I could not enjoy it.  The bike was running on two cylinders, sputtering and backfiring badly, often slowing to 10 MPH when climbing the mountains. 

Reaching Cortez before dark, we pitched our tents in a KOA, had a dinner of Beenee Weenees and Diet Pepsi and then retired to a fitful night's sleep.  Arising early Sunday morning, we decided that Art and Ricardo would continue their adventure and that I would stay (perhaps forever) in Cortez in an attempt to get the Honda properly repaired.  The local Honda shop will not open until Tuesday so I am not sure when I can rejoin my Tico friends.

When I talked with Art today, he said they rode the north Rim of Yellowstone yesterday and planned to visit the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas today.  And Chuck?  I am safely in a Super 8 Motel hoping to find someone who can repair Art's ride.