Up a canyon road four miles,  take a left until you see Speedway Salvage sign and then go up the gravel road until you smell the rich aroma of MJ.  That was Tim's instructions to where I would find two motorcycle genius(s).  Two 1960 hippies, Tim and Knucklehead, who have carved out their own piece of paradise here in the mountains of southwest Colorado.  Beards down to their chests, long hair, Cold Buds in their left hands and a wrench in their right hands.

Rebuilt Harleys, Indians and Hondas filled the lot.  An immaculate shop, filled with tools, beer and maybe even a little pot.  Two incredible men's self carved sanctuary in a world gone mad. 

Tim loved the looks of the Honda (even the fat Betty Boop tatooed on the right side cover).  He informed me that a quick look at the points and plugs would tell him what was wrong.   Within 45 minutes he had the bike running like new.  Another hour was spent fine tuning the carbs, brakes and clutch.
Then Tim took the bike out for a seven mile jaunt and announced it ready for me to ride.  I was very pleased and found myself really liking Tim and Knucklehead.  After declining their invitation to stay with them in "Delirious, CO" I was off back to Cortez. 

Tuesday morning will find me up early, headed 400 miles to Ely, NV and Hwy 50, "The Lonliest Road in America".  Someplace along Hwy 50, in Ely, Eureka or Austin, NV I will once again join Ricardo and Art.  With luck and safe riding, I expect to be in Reno by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.