Last year I rode Mexico, Central America and South America and had internet access virtually  every day.  In Nevada, I simply did not have internet access a single day.  That is the reason I have failed to update this blog for several days.

I rode out of Cortez, CO, Tuesday morning on the Honda.  Runningi like new, we quickly were in beautiful Moab, Utah, and then sailed a couple of hundred miles across Utah's majestic high mountain desert.  Spectacular landscape with colors taken from an artist's palate.  Then after five hours, I suddenly rode on Highway U.S. 50.  Known in Nevada as "The Lonliest Road in America", this has long been my favorite ride in the U.S.  Beautiful, small picturesque towns like Ely, Eureka and Austin.  Towns that now are mostly "goast towns" but 140 years ago were huge silver mining cities.  Such proud history.  At the Nevada border, I met a fellow rider, Fred Carlson, DDS, who also was on an adventure.  For the next three days, Fred and I  rode and dined together.  Fred has a Harley that is simply beautiful and he rides it with skill and daring.

Arriving in Reno on Wednesday night, I rejoined Art and Ricardo.  Thursday was spent exploring Lake Tahoe and Virginia City.  This morning (Friday) Art departed for Red Bluff to visit family and Ricardo and I decided to explore the mountain roads north of Downieville.  Two hundred fifty miles of beautiful mountain roads with spectacular vistas.  Ricardo says it is the best day's ride in this adventure.

We had planned to visit the Bay area and call upon old and valued friends but regrettably, I have found that my recent physical challenge has seriously impaired my ability to ride in heavy traffic.  The Bay area visit will come later when my recovery is more complete. 

Tonight finds Ricardo and me sharing a quaint cabin (seperate beds!) near Greenville, CA.  Tomorrow morning will find us at a rodeo (Ricardo's first) nearby.  I am uncertain where we will spend Saturday night.  But on Sunday we will once again join Art and his family in Red Bluff to celebrate the 4th of July.  As a proud member of the USMC, the 4th is an important day for Art and I know he is looking forward to spending it with family and friends,

And my friend Ricardo, he is looking after me like a brother and simply is having a ball riding through this country that is his second home.