Leaving Red Bluff early Monday morning, we quickly headed out Hwy 299 winding west to US 101.  This great road runs north all the was to Port Angeles, Washington.   By the beautiful north California coast, through the Redwoods Forest, past Paul Bunyon and Babe and finally to Oregon  Winding roads past idyllic coasts.  Through Native American lands and villages and yes, even a seafood restaurant every few  miles.

Monday morning was chilly, even cold around Eureka but later in the day the temperature reached the 90's.  We spent Monday bight in a cheap hotel in southern Oregon.  Art on a mattress on the floor and me in a bed.  I think Ricardo slept in the tub.  Tuesday night in a "no fee" campground on the coast in northern Washington...it was cold and damp.  And no, I really do not enjoy camping.  I think Ricardo is neutral on the subject but Art seems to thrive on it! 

This morning we departed early headed to Port Angeles and the ferry to Vancouver Island.  A glorious ride.  Through massive forests, around pristine lakes with only an occassional car sharing our bliss.  Finally ariving in Port Angeles before lunch, we boarded the ferry along with scores of cars and 20 or so motorcycles.  Ninety minutes and $32 later and we were in the astonishingly beautiful city of Victoria.  A  city of beauty and tranquility.  I should have  visited this city last year when I traveded so much of British Columbia.  I definitely will return!

And tonight, we are back in a Provincial Campground ($45 for the three of us).  At least this one has a shower, which is sorely needed by the three of us.  And the motorcycles?  They are running fine.  Art is leading setting a brisk pace. 

Physically, I am struggling, but Recardo and Art are constantly jumping to help me  I could not make this adventure without two friends like Art and Ricardo.

Tomorrow, we are riding north to Conrad and taking the ferry back to the mainland.  I think Art wants to spend one day visiting the city of Vancouver and then we will be off to the Canadian Rockies..