Wednesday found the three of us riding north up Vancouver Island in substantially more traffic than we had seen recently.  Art located a quaint village with a coffee and pastry shop and we all enjoyed another nutritous breakfast. 

Ricardo is riding a 2002 Honda  ST1100, fast and nimble, but it was running too hot to suit we finally found a town with a Honda dealer, but he was backed up three weeks and would not even look at the bike.  Finding the same at other shops in the town, we decided to take the ferry back to the mainland.  A beautiful, sunny and brisk crossing, two hours later we were off to the town of Squamish, known for it's numerous bike repair shops.  Alas, always an excuse to not work on the bike....either the mechanic was off, asleep or he simply did not have time.

Not to be stymied, Ricardo simply borrowed some tools from one shop, dismantled all of the plastic cladding found on an  ST1100 and proceeded to repair the bike himself.  A man of many talents, this Latin cowboy!  Wirh night coming on, Art led us up the mountain to the ski mecca of Whistler, the site 0f the 2010 Winter Olympics.  True to his passion, Art soon found us tent sites ($45 for the three of us).  A strange facility, the shower charged twenty five cents for each 90 seconds of warm water.  The night was cold and even Art failed to enjoy a good night's sleep.

Thursday Art led Ricardo and me down a delightful secondary road through the Canadian Rockies,  Snow covered mountains of granite, looking as if they had been chisled by the God of Old.  Others, green with lush vegetation and beautiful trees (Fir, maybe?)  Beautiful alpine lakes, mosy crystal clear and icy cold.  And raging rivers--not one or two but scores.  And yes motorcycles.  This is a rider's delight!

Finally reaching the city of Kamloops, it was time for me to replace the rear tire on the Vukcan.  Rolling into a kawasaki dealer at 4:00 PM, I was pleased that they were eager to mount a rear tire on the Vulcan 900 Classic.  After paying $368, I was not as happy!

Riding on another 60 miles, we stopped for the night in  Salmon  Arm.  Finally, a cheap motel, with beds and a hot shower.  Today we continued to ride the beautifi Canadian Rockies, finally crossing the border into Montana about 7:00 tonight.

And tomorrow, who knows?  Maybe Glacier National Park.