We rode only 180 miles today, but we accomplished much.  Leaving Broadus early, we rode the 130 miles to Sturgis in the cool chill of a high desert.  Not cold, but chilly.  Sturgis is a must do rally for Harley riders.  Of course I do not ride a Harley and the rally does not even begin for three weeks, so our visit to Sturgis was predictable--fifty tee shirt shops, 27 saloons (most of which were not even open) and five tattoo parlors.  I still have failed in my efforts to get Ricardo to have a nice tattoo engraved on his chest.  However both Art and Ricardo spent some dollars on tee shirts.

Shortly after lunch we headed to Rapid City to visit a Honda dealer.  Ricardo needed rear brake pads on the ST1100, Art needed a rear tire on the 1978 GL1000 and both Art and I had the oil changed in our bikes.  Ricardo rides so slowly, he may never need another oil change.

Then by mid afternoon, i led the three of us to Mount Rushmore and a visit to the  magnificent rock (mountain) sculptures of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.  This wonder was carved by by sculptor Gutzon Borglum, a well known American artist, and a team of of some 400  local workers. 

Beginning work in 1927  Borglum worked some six and one-half years (intermittently) on this masterpiece.  After Gutzon's death in 1941, his son, Lincoln, spent another seven months completing his father's dream.

Night was approaching as we departed the Park, so Art led us to a campground where we will sped the night.  My tent is already up and I am anticipating another blissful night sleeping on the ground.