It is Thursday night and Art, Ricardo and I are spending the night at the St. Croix Lodge about thirty miles into Wisconsin.  No cold, wet ground for me tonight but I suspect Art will insist on camping out tomorrow night.

Wednesday morning we departed the Mt. Rushmore KOA early, heading east to Minnesota.  But about 110 miles into the ride we stopped at the Badlands National Park.  I knew little of this park, but it was beautiful.  Tremendous hills of deep erosion looking almost like ancient castle and towers,  Some of sans and others of stone,  running for miles and miles.

Wednesday, we rode 456 miles, finally stopping at Pipe Stone, Minnesota for the night.  Yes, another night sleeping on the ground.  Well, not really   sleeping but laying there  cold and miserable.  However, Ricardo and I discovered a world class restaurant in Pipe Stone, Langes, a place that should not be missed.  And their famous dish?   Sour Cream and Raisin pie!  Ricardo was happy.

Today, our plan was to reach Wisconsin and we accomplished that.  However we only rode 320 miles since we spent part of the day looking for tires for Ricardo's ST1100.  Not having any success, Ricardo call ahead to a Honda shop in Massachusetts alerting them to have tires there for his arrival.  Now, we have to figure out how Ricardo can cover 1600 miles on slick tires.

And tomorrow, out goal is to reach Sault St. Marie,  MI, the border crossing where we plan to reenter Canada Saturday.