Art, Ricardo and I entered Canada this morning at 8:30 AM.  We crossed over the massive bridge rhat connects Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan and Saulte Sainte Marie, Ontario (Canada).  Canada is a truly neat and prosperous seeming country, but no more prosperous and neat than Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We have had a delightful three days of riding.  Good roads, great and friendly people and absolutely decadent, but tasty, meals.  Ricardo is leading me astray.  And Art?  He seems to make his meals off of bean dip,  crackers and apricots.

Friday night was spent in a small, but adequate "tourist court" just south of the border and tonight we are in a small and adequate (think cheap) motel here in the Srurgeon Falls.  Today is Saturday, so we decided to stop early.  Art took a two hour nap while Ricardo and I scouted the town for the best place to indulge our passion for "junk food".   Our conclusion was to dine at RIV Chips and Burgers, where Ricardo had a Classic Burger Combo  (Think 12 ounces of meat) with a pound of hand cut fries.  Being more moderate in appetite, I had the Pogo (think corn dog) and helped myself to some of Ricardo's fries.   Oh!  And for desert, I had A "Beaver Bites".  If you have to ask what that is, I feal sorry for you.

Tomorrow morning will find us on the road early headed for Montreal and hopefully to the border by evening.  Ricardo is anxious to reach Massachusetts where he will visit Emily and Jessica, his two favorite grand daughters.

And Beaver Bites.  That is a healthy desert cinsisting if 6-8  fried donut holes (dipped in chocolate), sitting in the bottom of a bowl that is then filled with ice cream and all then topped with hot caramel.  I told you Ricardo is a bad influence.