Departing Sturgeon Falls this morning, our goal was to travel to a point just north of the Canadian/U.S. border.  "Twisting hard on the throttle", we surprised ourselves by reaching the border mid afternoon.  A beautiful, massive steel bridge, crossing the St. Lawrence Waterway, brought us to the U.S. Customs at Ogdensburg, New York.  Clearing Customs quickly (the U.S. Customs are a model in efficiency and politeness), we were back in the U.S.A. 

After a quick stop for fuel, Art left Ricardo and me to travel to Cumberland, MD to visit friends and family.  Ricardo and I charted a course to run diagonally  through the the Adirondacks.    About an hour into the "mountains", Ricardo also decided to head directly towards his family's home in Massachuetts.  Suddenly, for the first time on this trip I was alone, in a mountain forest with no idea as to where I was going.  Life get's no better than this!  Remember the adventure rider's creed,  "Never lost, always an adventure".  Two hours through winding forests, low mountains, raging cold rivers and deep slate blue lakes brought me to the resort town of Lake George.  Shops, restaurants and motels all teeming with life.  It was in stark contrast to the stark sereniry of the forest.

Finally reaching the village of Queensbury, I have stopped for the night.  As I type this, I am in a laundromat doing some laundry.  I expect to meet Ricardo's family tomorrow afternoon, so clean jeans are in order.  Art, Ricardo and I have rather indefinite plans to meet towards the end of the week, to continue our adventure.  But what do I do in the meantime?  I had hoped to visit friends in the Philadelphia, Anapolis and Baltimore areas during this trip, but my Costa Rican friends adventure plans simply do not include riding in the Philadelphia or Annapolis areas. 

In a day or so. I will finalize my plan for the nest chapter of this adventure.  When I do, I will let you know.