New England is beautiful!  And the residents are so friendly!  I could spend the entire summer here (as long as I did not have to sleep in a tent).  Today, I spent the morning around Glens Falls, Ny and the afternoon near Watertown, MA.  At any minute, I expected to see Lee Phillips come over the hill in a 1946 Mercury convertible (only those over 60 years of age will have a clue as to this comment).  Hint, the original movie "Payton Place", the second highest grossing movie of 1959.

Around noon, I pulled into an antique shop and met the owner, perhaps curator, Dan Rhoades. A delightful New Englander in his late fifties, Dan personified the New England personality.   Friendly, with a bitingly dry humor, Dan "jerked my chain" with his wit.  Coming home from Viet Nam in the 70's Dan decided to spend his life in the region he loved, doing what he loved.  Restoring, selling and collecting antiques.  In faded jeans, smoking a  cheap and smelly cigat (driving a 1951 Chevy pickup), Dan was a great ambassador for this fine area of the U.S.

Later, I met Ricardo's family and went with them to Windsor Lake for an afternoon dip.  Then, I visited Williams College, the most beautiful campus imaginable.  I ended up spending two hours on the campus.  Perhaps I can get Jacob to post some of the photographs I took of the campus buildings.

Ricardo had new tires mounted on the Honda ST1100 today.  Plus a much needed oil change.  Now he is good for another 4000 miles.

Half way into our "North American Tour", we have traved 8800 miles, Visited the USA, Mexico and four provinces of Canada and an unknown number of states (TX, NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, OR, WA, MT, SD, MN, WI, MI, NY, VT, MA.......and a few more).