Ricardo and I departed Adams, MA today headed toward Cumberland, MD where we will reunite with Art to continue our adventure.  But first, we had to do some more sight seeing over the beautiful New England area.  Ricardo's son, Ricky had recently flown in from Costa Rica and he joined us for a spirited ride to Shelburne Falls, MA, MA and a look at the unique Bridge of Flowers. 

Ricky is so much like his father that it is amazing.  Of course Ricardo and I were both thrillled to have him join us.  By 1:00 PM, we were back in  Adams, with a sad Ricardo saying goodbye to his daughter, Prescilla and his grand daughters, Jessica and Emily. 

Finally, at 2:00 PM, we were off.  Our plan was to reach Allentown, PA by nightfall.  Well, we made it but not without some hard riding.  Two hundred sixty miles of busy traffic, through Massachuetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Did I mention heavy traffic, especially semi trucks?

Tomorrow morning we will depart early hoping to reach Cumberland by  1:00 PM and meeting up with Art.  I can'y wait to hear him insist that we camp out tomorrow night!  But tonight, Ricardo and I are in a Comfort Inn and we just treated ourselves to a scrumptious dinner, complete with Apple Crisp for me and Baked Boston Creme Pie for Ricardo!

And the Honda ST1100 and the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT?  They are running great!  we are averaging 43 miles per gallon on each of these two dependable bikes.