An overcast, cool, but pleasant day--the perfect day to tour our Capitol.  And with the perfect tour guide, my close friend, John Gribbin.

John picked Ricardo and me up at 9:15 AM today and we were off to Washington.  A great day for walking and that is exactly what we did.  First, to the Capitol, then a long walk up the Mall to the stately Washington Monument.  How magnificent.

Next we walked over to the relatively new, but beautiful World War ll Monument, a monument championed by two great statesmen, but even greater WWll heroes, President George Bush and Senator Bob Dole.  Both Ricardo and I were enthralled by this monument to American heroes.

On to the Vietnam Wall.  A wall that holds the names of over 58,000 young men and women who gave their lives to this very complex war.  A most touching place!  Scores, maybe hundreds of people walking in somber reverence.  Many men in their 60s, most minorities, who were openly weeping as they recalled the thankless hell where most served and many lost friends and brothers.  War!  Why?

Then Ricardo was off to the Lincoln Monument, to pay his respects and to take a photograph.  Later, a ride to the White House and a slow and respectful drive through Arlington National Cemetary, the resting place of privates, seamen, admirals and President, all who honorably served the USA in the military services.

And finally we ended the night by dining a Jalapeno's, a great Spanish Restaurant here in Annapolis.  And to make the evening morelovely, we were joined by my friend Teresa Gribbin