A short, but rainy ride from Annapolis to Philadelphia.  Normally, it is a two hour ride but Friday Ricardo and I managed to do it in six hours.  Maybe it was because of the rain or more likely it was because of a long stop in beautiful Harve de Grace.  While there we also did our laundry.

Arriving in Philadelphia, we made our way to the home of my good friends, Mary and John Saulino, who have been our hosts for this extended stay.  A great visit, John is preparing a sumptious feast for us tonight, pasta, meatballs, sausages and brachole, along with one of Mary's great salads.

Yesterday John loaned us his car and Ricardo and I toured old historic Philadelphia.  The Liberty Bell, Adam's House, Washington's House and even Penn's Landing, Ricardo did it all.  And in the afternoon, we made our way to Valley Forge National Park, the serene and beautiful hills where General Washington and the Continental Army spent that long and brutally cold winter.

Today has been a quiet day visititing with Mary, John and their daughter, Jennifer.  Tomorrow we will be departing early heading for Pittsburgh then onward across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

And guess what!  The forecast is for rain!