Leaving Streetsboro, OH at 8:00 AM, it looked as if it would rain at any moment.  But soon the skies began to clear and the sun peeked through.  Sailing across I80, through the "heartland of the USA", across Ohio and most of Indiana--some 400 miles. 

Past the great cities of Ohio. Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, Toledo--all cities of great industries.  Past farms of rolling fields, sturdy and immaculate farm houses.  On into Indiana and past Elkhart, the city  that gave us the RVs, travel trailers and even mobile homes.  On to South Bend, IN, the home of the majestic Notre Dame.  A mandatory ride into the campus, with my mind turning to one of the great alumnus of that university, the late Frank O'Brien,

Then a stop at the Studebaker National Museum.  A thrilling tour of a museum that houses literally hundreds of pristine Studebakers.  From the Conestoga wagon to the beautiful roadsters of the 30s, to the Army and USMC trucks built for WWll, the Korean War and even the Viet Nam War.  Past the beatiful vehicles of the 50s and the 60s, the Studebaker Champions, my favorite car of all time, the 1956-1957 Golden Hawk.  And yes, the super modern Avanti of the 60s.  A living tribute to Raymond Lowery, certainly the most artistbuiltic and innovative designer of all automotive history.

Then back on the bikes and Interstate 80, skirting around Lake Michigan with it's fierce and cold wind enveloping Ricardo and me.  Cold!  Finally coming upon our exit to Merrillville, IN and the warmth of the LaQuinta