Hot,  99 degrees, humid, very humid!  Yes, it is clear that we are back in Texas.  First stop, in Tyler to secure a room for the evening.  Then off 40 miles to the west to Canton, TX, the home of the Canton Traders Days, the worlds largest outdoor flea Market. 

Depending on the week, there are 3500 to 5000 vendors here at this market.  This week, this town of 3700 people is expecting 250,000 attendees at the market.

The market really covers the entire town.  Ten or more venues, all hot and dusty.  Ricardo and I eagerly awaited exploring this vast array of treasures--maybe junk!  But within 90 minutes, we knew it was not for us.  Nothing really of interest and yes it was hot, dusty, humid and hot.  So once again we were on our bikes headed back to the comfort of the La Quinta in Tyler.

And tomorrow?  We are headed out early before the heat reaches it's zenith.  Headed southwest down Hwy 79 towards Austin and the Texas Hill Country.  Maybe to Luckenbach (Let's go to Luckenbach Texas, home of Willie, Waylon and the boy's.  This successful life we're living has us fighting like the Hatfields and McCoys).  Then maybe to Fredericksburg and some homemade peach ice cream.

Then off to ride The Three Sisters (Hwys 335, 336 and 337), a must do ride for Texan motorcyclists.