Maybe the Texas Hill Country is not my home, but I sure love it!

Ricardo and I departed Tyler early this morning before it got really hot.  A cool, sensible, ride down Hwy 79 to Georgetown and then Hwy 29 to Llano, TX.  Past Lake Tyler, The Brazos River, Buchanan Lake, Inks Lake and the Llano River.  Countryside so beautiful...and suddenly we were in Llano where there was a rodeo.  And what would a rodeo be without a Texas parade and a festive barbeque right on the courthouse lawn.  Free!  "Come join Us".  Plus the gave us a whole barbequed chicken to take with us.  I really like the folks in Llano.

Then 45 miles down the road to Luckenbach.  My favorite three hour stop. If you can't chill out in Luckenbach, then there is no hope because "....down in Luckenbach, Texas, ain't nobody feeling no pain".

Dinner at Wheelers' in Fredericksburg.  Chicken and dumplins topped off with a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream.  But wait, Ricardo had fish and chips and no Blue Bell.  He may just be a "northerner".

And tomorrow?  Well, the Hunt River Road (Hwy 39) right along the Guadelupe and then a swift run down the "Three Twisted Sisters".  Night, probably in Del Rio.  Mexico beckons!