It was a hot ride today, 300 hot, dusty miles.  Past well known border towns like Del Rio (Cuidad Acuna), Eagle Pass (Piedras Negras), Loredo (Nuevo Loredo) and then inland past towns like Encinal, San Diego,  Benevides, Freer and Kingsville.  Past the booming shale oil fields that suddenly "sprung" up as oil neared $100 per barrell.  Then down to the quiet solitude of Baffin Bay and Riviera Beach.

The bikes are parked for the night.  Tomorow Ricardo and I will wash them, but tonight is for resting.  This adventure was great!  Before we left I estimated we would ride 6000 miles.  Ricardo just checked our mileage and we actually rode 5962 miles.  Pure dumb luck on my part!

And how many states did we explore.  I am not sure, help me count them.  Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma---I think that is 16!  Plus The District of Columbia, but we actually did that in John Gribbin's car.

Over the next several days we will begin to plan next year's adventure.  Ricardo wants to ride and tour Alaska.  I have already done that once, but I certainly did not tour the entire state.  So, Alaska is a real possibility.