Tuesday morning!  Brisk, but sunny in beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica.  Back with my old riding friend, Ricardo Collado.  This adventure will find us riding Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Riding both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and crossing at least three mountain ranges.  All this over the next three weeks since I must be back in Texas by Christmas. 

Ricardo is riding his trusted Yamaha V Star and I will be on his Yamaha Virago.  Both well maintained and strong runners.  We will not be leaving San Jose until dawn Friday.  Then we will weave our way out of San Jose, riding over the beautiful hills and mountains to the rustic and bustling city of Limon, Costa Rica.  Limon. a city of 200.000 nestled on the Atlantic coast.  The only city on the Atlantic in all of Costa Rica.  From Limon, we will head south, down the wild and undeveloped coast towards Panama.  Perhaps a bit of rain each day, certainly some beautiful countryside filled with new adventures.

The past two days have been spent with Ricarso and his friend Gabby.  A lady that Ricardo has told me so much about, but I had never met.  A lady of beauty and great enthusiasm. And once again I was in the company of his daughter, Prescilla and Ricardo's  three delightful grandaughters, Emily, Jessica and Katelyn.

Today I visited with Ricardo's mother, Donya Delfina, a shocklingly beautiful, sophisticated and articulate lady.  A lady who has traveled Asia, Australia ,Africa, Russia, China, all of South America and North America. 

But tonight?  A fine dinner with Ricardo and his son Ricky.  Then off to bed witrh a good book. My days may be  filled with adventure but my nights are for time with friends and rest.