Eight A.M. this morning and Ricardo and I were riding out of San Jose on a short ride to familiarize me with the Yamaha I will be riding the next two weeks.  Out of town, over beautiful hills, past coffee farms, through picturesque villages and then into a cold mist.  Had we gone further it would have been a cold rain.  Then back to Casa de Ricardo to prepare the bikes for an early Friday departure. 

Suddenly the temperature began falling and I was chilled.,  What happened to warm sunny Costa Rica?  Suddenly Ricardo received a phone call from his cousin who has a farm near Limon.  Rain, hard rain and flooding over much of the road along the Atlantic coast.  A quick change of plans.  Tomorrow we will head north to Volcan Arenal.  Then after a day or two, on into Nicaragua and a stop at the wonderful colonial city of Grenada.  Who knows? Maybe even a coke with the newly reelected President, Daniel Ortega.

Then back southward to the Atlantic coast in search of the ideal vacation spot for another visit in March.  But wait!  Panama!  How can we not ride all the way across Costa Rica and visit Panama.  After all my old friend Gary Pitts is sitting astride his Yamaha Tenere waiting on us.  I know he has an adventure in mind.  And his terrific wife, Jennifer Daniels, MD.  A vegen and weight guru, maybe she can help me get on a healthy diet.

But today Ricardo spent most of his time preparing the bikes for this exciting ride.  And me?  I stood around supervising and shivering.  But tomorrow, we ride!  Through some of the most beautiful countryside in the Americas.