A great two days!  With my buddy, Ricardo, two fun motorcycles and nothing better to do than ride the Paqcific coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  We departed San Juan Del Sur early and by 11:00 had cleared both borders and were back in the land of Ticos.  Our destination for the night?  Playa Hermosa.  Arriving in Liberia shortly after lunch we stopped for Pollo Frito (fried chicken) and were soon on our way.  My bike was running great but suddenly a hugh backfire, some weird noise and ..........I had blown a spark plug completely out of the cylinder head.but not to fear, a Costa Rican serviceman came to the rescue.  Thirty minutes later, after he did temporary repairs, we were on our way.  And guess what?  He refused any payment.

Back running good, we purred through the countryside, past banana farms, herds of cattle and horses.  Suddenly Ricardo slowed, made a right turn and we were at the home and shop of Eric Lang, Ricardo's friend since childhood.  Eric, a race car builder and driver, a automotive genius who build cars, from the chassis to the final touches.  A mechanical wizard.  Two hours later the bike was ready for us to continue our adventure.  Payment?  Do not even suggest it.  I love this land and the Tico People.

Into Playa Hermosa, we quickly found a beachfront hotel, both elegant and within our budget.  Run by a delightful man from Spain.  All the facilities, right on the beach and it even came with a complete breakfast

Up early, We hated to leave Hotel  Belmar, with its beautiful pool terrace and beach but other beachfront cities were waiting.  Playa Coco was our next stop where we visited with 40 or so Austrians who were on a hugh abd striking sailing scooner.  Then we made tracks to Playa Naranjo where we boarded a  ferry for a 90 minute cruise to Puntarenas. Such a beautiful city, where Ricardo spent his summers, as a youth, at his Grandmothers house.  And tonight?  We are in the beachfront town of Quepos, safely in a nice family owned hotel, Cabias Alicia.

Tomorow we will ride three hours south to the border of Panama.  Hopefully, we can clear customs in a couple of hours and be in David, Panama by mid afternoon.  Our friend Gary Pitts and his wife, Jennifer await us.