Thursday morning, awake at 5:30 AM in Quepos and it was raining.  By 7:00 AM it was pouring.  Finally Ricardo and I donned our rain suits and braved the beautiful mountain roads.  South, past the seacoast town of Domenical, then into the hills.  Curves, past palm tree farms, over raging rivers, thru small busy villages.  Rain, even more rain--we were soaked.  But the Virago 535 and the V Star 1100, they were running perfect.

Finally by 1:30 PM we were at the Costa Rica-Panama border.  Quickly exiting Costa Rica, with no problem.  Ricardo stopped to show me the duty free store which sits on the border.  As large as a Super Walmart, it is a favorite shopping destination for both Ticos, Gringos and Panamanians.  The store, while huge, was packed.  Everyone shopping for cameras, laptops, TVs and furniture.  If there is a recession here it has been suspended for Christmas.

And then we were off to the Panamanian Immigracion, customs and insurance.  Problems!  It took two hours to clear customs.  First Chuck Weaver entered Panama at this same border crossing in November, 2008.  Customs documented he was riding a BMW R100GSPD, the Goose.  But where is the Goose?   There is no record he ever took it out of Panama.  Yes, Senor Weaver flew out, but what happened to the R100GSPD?  Did he sell it in Panama and fail to pay the required taxes.  While Ricardo explained, I just stood there pleading ignorance (a natural state).  Finally Ricardo charmed our way into Panama and we were on our way.  Light rain, but better than pouring rain.

Arriving in David at 6:15 PM, we made our way to Hotel Puerto Del Sol, the same hotel where I stayed three years ago.  A great double room, TV, air conditioning and hot water.  All for $40 per night for the two of us.  A call to Gary Pitts and he quickly arrived at the hotel.  Gary has a number of great rides planned, so we will stay here until Monday.

So far this morning, we have enjoyed a Panamanian breakfast, had our laundry done, had both bikes washed and Ricardo is doing some shopping.  And this afternoon, we ride.  Another adventure!