The road running east along the border of Panama and Costa Rica, twisted, winding, up and down, a challenge for even an experience Gringo rider.  Today Gary Pitts led Ricardo and me along this curvy road.  Five hundred seventy one tight, often hairpin turns in 38 kilometers. And steep hills.  At times I was sure I would not survive the ride.  Beautiful!  Lush forests, waterfalls, tomato farms and vistas forever.

Suddenly the small indigenous village of Rio Serena, with its people all clothed in colorful native dress.  A walk through the mercado, then off to a surprise.  Suddenly Gary made a quick left turn, then a quicker right turn and pulled into the jardin of what appeared to be someones house.  But no!  It was a small native inn and restaurant.  Filled with Gringos of that certain age.  All adventurers who have found serenity and happiness living in this village near Rio Serena.  Lunch, some conversation and we were off down another winding road to David.

Another fun day.  Back at the hotel before dark.  And tomorrow?  At 8:30 AM we are off to the well known mountain town of Boquete to join an outdoor jazz festival.  But first, Gary has another challenging ride planned.  And my friend Ricardo, he will be right with us making certain I am having a safe and fun ride.