I have taken it very easy today here in Antigua, something this city almost encourages.  I started the morning visiting the Mercado, one of the largest I have ever seen.  They sell everything from telephones, televisions to all sorts of fruits and vegetables--did I mention cars and motorcycles.  Yes they sell cars and motorcycles in the Mercado.

Today,  have attended to some maintenance items.  First, I took my dirty clothes to the laundry where they washed and folded everything for about seven dollars.  Right now the Beemer is being washed and waxed, something it needed badly (that was $6).  Later today I will perform some routine maintenance on it.

I had a taste of the States this morning.  Went to a McDonalds for breakfast.  I could have been in Chicago, an Egg McMuffin, hash browns and orange juice.  The only difference was that there was an armed guard at the side of the counter and on the plus side, there were a number of computers on one side for customer's use.  This afternoon I am back to local food, McDonalds once a month is more than enough.

Speaking of armed guards, later today Jacob Peek will be posting several photos I have taken here over the past couple of days and you will immediately see that someway several are labeled incorrectly.  If you see a very distinguish man and his granddaughter on horseback and it is labeled "armed guard" just know that I have to correct the label (as soon as I figure out how). 

However, I did want to make a point.  Armed guards, with pump shotguns, pistols and machine guns are everywhere here.  The people are so gentle and likeable but guns are visable no matter where you go.  Often the police or guards carrying the fierce weapons look only 18 years old or even younger.

Speaking of police, over the past two weeks in Mexico and now in Guatemala, I have had several contacts with the local and state police and in every instance the police officers have been most gracious and helpful.  Never  a hint that they want to do anything but help me.

Tomorrow morning I am headed for Guatemala City and later toward the El Salvadoran border.  But tonight I am going to enjoy this beautiful city.