Yes, we departed the Bay on May 29, Ricardo on the Kawasaki and me on the BMW R1200GS.  Tuesday night we stopped in Kerrville, TX and tonight we are in Amarillo.  Two hundred sixty miles yesterday and 451 miles today.  Not a lot of miles but we wanted to take it easy the first two days in this hot and windy part of Texas.   Temperatures in the high 90s and wind just as strong.

Ricardo always starts his ride with a Costa Rican flag flying high on a mast on the Kawasaki.  Each year  he loses it the first day and this ride is no exception.  The high winds  just east of San Antonio ripped the flag and mast from the bike, never to be seen again.  But I also lost something today!    The right BMW Vario Side Case suddenly became detached from my bike and bounced across the  highway at 60 MPH.  What was in it?  Just my computer, money and fresh clothes.  But do not despair!  Ricardo recovered it.  Only slightly scratched, the case maintained it's integrity and nothing was lost.  With about thirty  monutes tinkering, the bag is back on the bike.

While I am updating this blog, Ricardo is in the pool. Soon we will go to dinner and about seven tomorrow morning will find us headed to Denver, CO.  We are eager to get further north and into some cooler climate.  But on the bright side, not a drop of rain the first two days.