A good nights rest and up at dawn!  And the weather was cool, even brisk.  A major change but a welcome change.  Ricardo and I departed Amarillo at 8:00 AM headed to new Mexico and then north to Colorado.  A beautiful ride past many Texas ranches and picturesque Texas town, like Vego, Channing, Dalhart and on to Texline, the quaint town that sits right on the Texas/ New Mexico border.  Then north through the northeast corner of this "Land of Enchantment".  I have always been fond of New Mexico.  I think it is my favorite state.

Ricardo loved it, riding past extinct volcanoes, past herds of antelope, looking out over arroyas and mesas.  Then on to Colorado, still cool and clear.  Both bikes ran perfectly, if a bit fast.  After all Ricardo set the pace and he certainly kept up with traffic.  Slight over 450 miles today. 

Tonight we are in a nice La Quinta here in Aurora and just finished a Barbequed Rib Dinner.  And yes, I topped it off with banana pudding.  Tomorrow we must ride to Billings, Montano, a distance of 562 miles.  So early to bed, early to rise.  I hope to ride by 7:00 AM.