Yes, we are in Canada!  In Lethbridge, Alberta to be exact.  Housed in a nice Super 8 motel, with all the expected amenities.  We left Aurora Friday morning and rode 556 miles, through northern Colorado and all of Wyoming.  Then into majestic Montana, all the way to Billings where we stopped for the evening.  The bikes ran flawlessly, the weather was nice, cool and balmy.

Arriving in Billings, we quickly found the Dude Rancher motel, which I had booked online.  It certainly was not as advertised.  Maybe it was the place to stay in the fifties, but not today.  Seedy and in a part of the city that has more than it's share of inebriated street people.  But I had paid in advance so we stayed.  The evening was nice.  A street exhibition of belly dancers was unexpected and seemed odd, but this may be normal for Billings.

After twice asking the motel management about the security of the bikes I was assured that the bikes were quite secure.  Not so!  Up this morning early, we found that Ricardo's bike had been thoroughly ransacked and much of his gear stolen.  Among the many items stolen were his riding suit, three pairs of riding gloves, a brand new tire repair kit and a pump.  The list goes on and on.  BUT TAKE NOTE!  Out Spot Messenger, the electronic device that tracks our location, was also gone.  So now you will be unable to track exactly where we are during this adventure. 

Finally away, we really had a great ride through Montana and met many great people   Past canyons, raging rivers, oil fields, and hills covered with beautiful cattle.  Past wild herds of antelope and the occasional deer, the ride was enthralling.

Finally arriving at the Canadian border, we were welcomed warmly and within four minutes were off  through the Alberta countryside.  Within one hour we were in Lethbridge for the night.  And tomorrow we will contonue our 2200 mile trek across Canada.  But first Ricardo wants to see Calgary, the home of the great Stampede.  And why not?  After all this is Ricardo's adventure, I am just tagging along for the ride.