Eight to ten degrees celsius, steady cold rain and fog, sometimes thick fog.  Wet, from our fingertips to the tips of our toes.  My riding suit is thoroughly soaked.  My helmet will not dry out for a week.  Yes, we are having fun, but yes!   We are very cold.  The rain started at Mile 1 of the Alaska Highway and may last for another two days.  

Tuesday night we finally stopped in Fort Nelson, British Columbia and found lodging in a nice Limited Ramada.  Up at 7:00 AM, it was still raining.  And it has not stopped for a minute today.  We finally reached Watson Lake in the Yukon and once again we are  back in The Air Force Lodge where I stayed twice three years ago.

Today's ride was through some of the most beautiful parts of British Columbia, past alpine lakes, raging rivers, and over beautiful low mountains.  At times we were both shivering too hard to really enjoy the scenery.  But yes!  We did enjoy the numerous sightings of native animals.  Many buffalo, several black bear and even the occasional moose.  They were all out enjoying the cold, foggy rain.

And the bikes?  They are running great.  Tomorrow?  Let's make that decision in the morning.  We are only one day's ride away from Whitehorse, one of my favorite towns.  And if the weather was good, we could be in Alaska in two days.  But it is raining and cold and foggy.  We will decide tomorrow!