Up at 6:30 AM.  No rain and the sun was shining.  A beautiful day for our ride to Whitehorse. On the bikes by 7:45 AM.  The bikes were spinning tires, eager to "eat up" the Alaska Highway.  On our way in this glorious weather but wait!  suddenly the road was closed!  The Alaska Highway is flooded in two places headed north and totally washed out in one place.  There is no guarantee that we will be able to get through tomorrow or even the next day.  And the road to the south is flooded and closed.  there is no way out unless you are traveling the Cassier Highway.  But that road does not go even remotely toward Alaska.

So we are back in the Air Force Lodge, except a third rider is with us  now, sleeping on the floor.  This morning was spent at the store/gas station/grill where we have breakfast. mounds of great  food and company.  At one time there  was at least 15 motorcycles sitting there with the riders all trying to figure out what to do.  The company and travel tales was great.

For three weeks I have suffered totally stopped up ears and today  new friends, Neal and his traveling companion, provided me eardrops which seem to be helping.   And my friend Ricardo?  He is taking this all in stride--"Chuck, this is just life in the  Yukon".