Once again we have a room here in Watson Lake for tonight but tomorrow is uncertain.  This area is in emergency mode.  Travelers from the south are arriving every hour and there is no way to leave either to the north or to the West.

The Alaska Highway is closed to the north!  There is approximately a 200 ft. long X 20 ft. deep washout of the highway.  Water is raging!  Homes are flooded, bridges are in danger of being washed away.  There are several large mudslides between here and Teslin covering the road.  We have no choice but to stay in Watson Lake!  For how long?  No one knows.  And even if we could get to Whitehorse, the Alaska Highway is closed, due to mudslides, between Haines Junction and Destruction Bay.  The worst rains in years is what our new friends are telling us.

The skies are clear today but rain is forecast for all of next week.  I wonder how long we have to be here before we qualify for Canadian citizenship?