Beautiful, sunny, warm--and we are surrounded by great people.  This is good because we cannot leave due to the mudslides and washed roads.  The town of Watson Lake threw a Chili Dinner for us and showed a most interesting movie.  The rumor now is that we may be able to proceed by tomorrow afternoon.  No one knows for sure.

And Ricardo and I hope to make it to Whitewater tomorrow evening.  Maybe, maybe not!  But it has been an adventure.  And here at the Air Force Lodge, we are in great company.  People like Dave and Sue Dean from New Braunfels, TX; Ron, a 65 year old lawyer from California, Fred from Germany who has been riding around the world for eight years, Tom, a retired Rear Admiral from the USN, Craig Shelton, a Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, and of course my close friend Ricardo who always finds the humor in a situation.  What a wonderful group of people with which to spend a week!