Yes, the Alaska Highway reopened last night for commercial truck traffic and early this morning for cars and bikes.  Ricardo and I were up at 5:00 AM and rode out of Watson Lake at 6:06 AM.  The weather was clear but cool, 6 degrees celcius (45 F) as we rode rapidly through the mountains.  Snow covered mountains and icy cold alpine lakes.  Wild, gleaming and fast moving rivers, it was beautiful.  Past several stretches of construction, giving truth to the rumors of several mudslides.
Then about 152 kms up the Alaska Highway, we came to a halt.  A flag lady stopping traffic so we could travel over the one lane gravel and dirt stretch where the workmen had worked day and night to erect a temporary passage around the 300 meters of the highway that had been totally washed away.  A great repair job, very smooth and holding the water at bay.  Someone told me today that this is the first time the road had been closed since 1972.

Ricardo in the lead, running between 115 and 135 kph.  Certainly too fast but he was freezing.  We stopped for breakfast after one hour and his hands were like ice.  I gave him a set of silk glove liners and that helped.  Three stops along the way and we were pulling into Whitehorse before noon.  Not bad!  Maybe crazy but not bad!

And tonight we have a nice room in the River View, a hotel that I have visited twice, maybe three times before.  Whitehorse, the capital and only city in the Yukon.  a great and friendly town of 26,000.  The town even has a street car which I always ride when here.

Tomorrow, 645 kms up the road is the Alaskan border.  Hopefully we will be in Tok, Alaska for dinner.  And if the weather holds we could be in Fairbanks Thursday.