Sleeping late in Whitehorse, Ricardo and I did not actually leave for the Alaska border until 9:20 AM.   The morning was brisk, cool and cloudy.  The bikes were eager to run.  We were off to Haines Junction and then in to Desperation Bay, the border and finally, Alaska.

The ride was over beautiful terrain, with low lying snow covered mountains and many pristine lakes.  Once, while passing a large lake, R icardo spotted a moose and it's young ....  A local truck driver said he saw two Grizzly bears walking through an area of wild flowers.  I never spotted anything other than the grandeur of the Yukon..Except,  at the border Ricardo spotted a Vixen, with roof extended and all set up for the night.  Ricardo stopped immediately to talk with the Vixen's owner.  Running a BMW diesel engine, the RV was like new.

We did go through six or eight areas of highway construction, but none was particularly bad. There was less than 20 miles total miles of well packed gravel.  And the afternoon brought steady cold rain.  but, still it was a great ride.

And all afternoon, the lyrics from an ald song by Brewer and Shipley ran through my mind...."One Tok over the line sweet Jesus / One Tok over the line / Sittin' downtown in a railway station / One Tok over the line".  I may be the only person who still remembers the lyrics to that vsong.  And yes, I know it was really "Toke".

By early evening we were in the small town of Tok, Alaska, where I have stayed twice before.  A good dinner at "Fast Eddies" in Tok and we will be to bed early.  We should be in Fairbanks Thursday and at the Arctic Circle by Friday.