Thursday morning Ricardo and I departed Tok in a cold rain.  Beautiful and quiet, but wet and cold.  Within two hours we were in nice sunny weather, arriving at Delta Junction just in time for a late breakfast.   Then back on tne bikes headed for Fairbanks.  and suddenly 20 miles out of Fairbanks we arrived at The North Pole, Alaska.   Of course we had to stop but Santa and the elves were away in a hidden workshop preparing gifts for Christmas.

Back on the bikes, we were in Fairbanks by 1:00 PM and quickly checked into the same motel where I stayed three years ago.  Very convenient, right across from the Harley and BMW dealer.

Up early this morning, we were eager to depart for the Arctic Circle.  A beautiful sunny morning and we were on the road by 7:30 AM.  Within two hours, we had traveled 90 miles up the Elliott Highway and were on the Dalton Highway, commonly called the Haul Road.  another 109 miles up the Haul Road to the Arctic Circle.  A winding hilly road through pine forests, past small lakes and across the raging Yukon River. 

The Haul Road, mostly packed gravel and the occasional short stretch of broken pavement.   numerous stretches  where the road is being ripped up and resurfaced (dirt and gravel).  Dust!  And where the road was not dusty it was wet and often muddy because of the many water trucks spraying water.  I suppose the water was to hold the dust down, but maybe it was to see how Ricardo rides on wet dirt.

Arriving at the Arctic Circle at 1:20 PM, we stayed for only 20 minutes for photographs.  Then we were off back to Fairbanks.  Arrivng back at 6:30 Pm, our first stop was at a car wash to wash the mud off of me and the motorcycles.

Tomorrow we are headed for Denali National Park for Ricardo to take a tour.  And me?  I think I will take a motorcycle ride.