At  6:00 PM Sunday, Ricardo and I arrived at The Hutch Bed and Breakfast here in Cooper Landing, Alaska.  This is my third visit to Cooper Landing.  The first visit was in about 1988 when I was here fishing with my son, Wayne, and my friend Larry Beall, from Albuquerque.  Then, three years ago, when I rode to Peudhoe Bay, I came here to visit my friends Shirley and George.  It seemed  only right that I bring Ricardo here to meet my friends and to ride the beautiful Kenai Peninsula.

.Saturday morning we rode  out of Fairbanks, headed to Denali National Park.  A short 119 mile ride in sunny warm weather.  And the moose were out. One suddenly strolled out in front of me, causing me to come to a screeching halt.  Before the day was over we sighted four moose.  Upon arriving at Denali, we checked into The Denali Hotel and by 1:00 PM, I was in bed nursing a stopped up ear and a head cold.  But not Ricardo, he was off to tour Denali and to see Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in North America. 

Taking a five hour tour Ricardo sighted caribou, moose, bears and mountain goats.  Ricardo finally returned to the hotel at 9:00 PM, fully happy with his tour.

Then we were off Sunday morning headed to Cooper Landing and the Kenai Peninsula.  But first we stopped in Anchorage and visited with Jeff, the Air Force man that we first met in Virginia last year.  Remember, we unexpectedly ran into Jeff while in Watson Lake.  Jeff has just assumed new duties at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage.  This time we  were able to visit with his entire family.  And what a great family, Jenny, mother to three year old Jackson and five year old Cheyene.  Such a great family.  And I have a particular  love for Air Force families.  And yes, Jeff is a dedicated rider, with  both a Harley and a 2007 BMW R1200 Adventure.  Now there is a  real bike.

Finally arriving at George's and Shirley's Bed and Breakfast (the Hutch 907-595 1270) we were ready to stop for a few days.  Monday we plan to visit Soldatno and Homer.  Then maybe Sewardo on Tuesday.