Friday morning found me departing Antigua early so I could get a fast start to the Guatemal/El Salvador border.  So what did I do,  I headed in the wrong direction.  Three hours later I found myself at a very busy commercial port on the Pacific Ocean.  Not exactly where I expected to be.

Two truck drivers, who seemed to understand my sign language, directed me to the right road and soon I was on CA2 headed to the dreaded border crossing with El Salvador.  I had heard that this was a most difficult and confusing border crossing and anxiety was taking over.  Not so!

Within two hours I was at the border and within one hour, the great folks on the Salvadoran side had me ready to depart.  Fees only came to $10.  Suddenly, I noticed a gentleman about my age who appeared to be dressed for motorcycle riding.  I walked up to him and met Art Smiley, a retired Photograher who has lived in Costa Rica for about nine years.  Art told me that he had a friend outside and the two of them were riding to San Jose.  I asked could I ride along and Art agreed.

Outside, I met Gary Pitts, riding a  1984 Yamaha Venture.  Art and Gary had been to the States to pick up their bikes and transport both back to Costa Rica.  Art had actually bought a new Suzuki Boulevard M50 (800cc) and both had visited family while back in the states.  Both Art and Gary now make the homes in Costa Rica and both are avid motorcyclists.  My kind of people!

Art informed me that they were going to cross El Salvadora by the southern route, along the Pacific coast.  What could be better?  I actually knew little about El Salvador but was soon plesantly surprised.  Beautiful mountans.  Great roads, even with very good paved shoulders.  Lush vegetation and beautiful corps along the way.  Large pastures filled with strong and beautiful cattle and horses.  What a country!

Setting a fast pace, Art and Gary led me through the mountains, up, down and immediately into a twisty set of curves.  Suddenly a long and very dark tunnel.  Out of the tunnel and into a beautiful village.  And then over a steep mountain and into a tight curve--the Pacific Ocean, a steely blue, was right in fronted of me.  Suddenly Art pulled into a hatched roof, outdoor restaurant, overlooking the sea.

Beautiful grilled shrimp the size of small bananas, french fries and salsa.  A meal fit for a queen  and all of this for less than $10.  The waiter and cook recommended a small hotel only a couple of miles up the road and darkness found us checked into a nice small hotel overlooking the ocean for only $25 per room.  I loved it.

An early rise, a home cooked breakfast and we were on our way by 8:15 AM.  Setting a  nice pace, we wound our way through this beautiful country, El Salvador, and was at the border with Honduras by 1:30 PM.  The headache begins and lasted for two to three hours and some $36 but Art, using his gift of Spanish, finally got the paperwork completed and we were on our way. 

Honduras roads are not good, pot holes abound, little or no shoulders but the countryside is beautiful and the people are happy and friendly.  Tonight finds us in the city of Choluteca where we have checked into a modest hotel.  Morning will find us headed to Nicaragua and to the beautiful city of Granada.

I have taken several photographs which I hope to upload in a day or so.