Four hundred twelve miles from Cooper Landing to Tok Alaska.  Beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes, all along the way.  And the occasional caribou and moose crossing right in front of the bike keeps one alert.  Several sightings today, a few yesterday.  But so far very few bear.

And rain, cold blowing rain.  Miserable at times, invigorating at other times.  A coffee break at Glenallen and we met a most interesting Austrian couple, then as we got  up  to leave a dozen or so Dutch campers showed up.  We are meeting the most interesting people, all very bright and friendly.

Now we are back in Youngs Motel here in Tok.  I will spend the remainder of the evening drying my clothes and boots.  Then, to bed. We have to ride early tomorrow.  It is about 11 hours to Whitehorse in the Yukon and I suspect we will pass many miles of construction as Canada works to repair the badly damaged Yukon.