Eleven hours ride today from Tok, AK, to Whitehorse, Yukon.  The same route we took just nine days ago.  But this time it was not as cold, but much wetter.  The rains seem to come every afternoon here in the mountains, sometimes light and sometimes ferocious.  But in any event we end up totally soaked.

Today Ricardo saw a couple of bear and I saw a lynx (maybe bobcat) and a moose.  A couple checking into the hotel were traveling just in front of us and sighted twenty one bears, right beside the road.  I must have been paying too much attention to the road--I missed them.

At the Canadian border Ricardo mentioned that his rear tire is slick and his rear brake pads are totally shot.  Ouch!  Just as we are about to head down the Cassier, 1000 miles of mountainous, narrow, curvy wilderness.  So, tonight finds us in Whitehorse searching for a rear tire and brake pads for the Kawasaki.  We may find the tire but I doubt we will find the brake pads.  One thousand miles with just the front brakes.  I am glad it is the kawasaki and not the BMW that I am riding.