Six thousand six hundred miles thus far!  And today?  The most beautiful day one can imagine.  Temperature 76 degrees F, Skies very clear. No wind.  Now let's pray it stays this way.

Ricardo is at a bike shop having a new rear tire and brakes installed on the Kawasaki.  H also found new rear brake pads for the Kawasaki.  That means Ricardo will not  have to ride 1000 miles over narrow mountain roads with no rear brakes.  That will certainly make for a more enjoyable ride..

Hopefully, we will be on the road by lunch.  The Air Force Lodge and new found friends, await us in Watson Lake.  Then, tomorrow morning we will be off down the Cassier, the most exciting mountain road of this adventure.  But the  weather reports say we will be riding in rain and 50 degree F weather.  I suppose that is all part of the adventure.